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It is for this reason that, following, we are detailing a series of questions that have been gathered throughout the years; its principal aim being to answer the greater number of doubts that naturally arise.

Can a piece made of this material be varnished?
What are your maximum measurements?
Can different thicknesses be given to the components?
Can it be painted upon?
Are the moulds made of aluminium?
Does the material contain PVC?
Is Syntrewood toxic?
Can natural wood veneers be glued to the material?
Can a wooden mould be utilised to manufacture Syntrewood's pieces?
What density does it have?
Can it be used only to make chair components? Does it have any other usefulness?



One of our company's steadfast characteristics is the ongoing contact with our clientele.
It is through the numerous national and international trade fairs that we attend throughout the year that we are able to stay in permanent contact with our clients.
This rapport has given us an insight as to the usual doubts generated by an innovative material, such as Syntrewood, in terms of the application we have been referring to: chair components 
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