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A new material: The Syntrewood


03/10/2006   A new material: The Syntrewood
Many types of materials exist and it is only necessary to watch around to realize about it. These last years, next to the most traditional matters, are appearing diverse originating alternatives of the recycled one of remainders. The production and use of these new materials receive every day more importance in our present economy. Every time there are more companies which are replacing part of their conventional raw materials, like wood and agglomerate, by these ecological materials, composed by materials of recovery and remainder. Most of the plastics that we used in the daily life have a very short life. This causes a great amount of remainders that finish in the garbage dumps mixed with the rest of remainders, a great resistance to the degradation and with the corresponding environmental impact.

The plastic consumption in Spain has grown during last years. Most corresponds to the thermoplastic ones, the 42 % of which the packages elaboration of and packing are applied in. In our country every year 1.500.000 of tons of plastic remainders are generated (73% of all the consumed plastic). The Lasentiu company is pioneering in Spain in recycle these plastic remainders and reusing them, or what is the same, to recover them better than to reject them. The year last in its factory of Maçanet of the Forest (Girona) they processed 3,000 tons of remainders.

A new material: The Syntrewood

The cycle begins with the selective collection of urban remainders through the different types from containers. The Ecoparcs is the people in charge of the collection of these containers and in one first selection, they separate the materials of easier recycling, like glass and paper. The greater problem resides in the yellow container, where the plastic packages go, when varying its composition according to the zone in which they have been gathered. This material is classified according to its plastic content. Until the plant of Maçanet of the Forest and after surpassing strict engineering controls, bags arrives the coats big, with the crushed plastic material. When arriving at Lasentiu, the plastic remainders are mixed in the suitable proportion, they are extrusionan and finally they are pressed in the two robotizadas islands of stamping that incorporate the most novel technology.

The result is SYNTREWOOD, a new recycled material very similar to the wood and susceptible to be applied in innumerable projects and the diverse sectors (engineering, construction, design, etc). All it without producing no type of solid, liquid polluting agents or gases. He is waterproof, nontoxic, without sticky tails nor and in addition recycleable 100 %. Its natural colour comes from the mixture of domestic packages and can be dyed or be pigmented, obtaining a range of dark colors. The used process of production allows to obtain curved surfaces, as well as texturizados and finished rough. Syntrewood can be used as construction equipment or for the product design.
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